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I received my MFA in Visual Art at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, and a BFA in Graphic Design at Columbia College with minors in Jewelry and Art History.

My mother was a printmaker and therefore I was exposed to, and inspired by, creative energy from an early age. My father gave me Adobe Photoshop as a gift when I was 14 thus I've been playing with the program for years, only realizing its profound potential under the guidance of my undergraduate professors. It has taken years of exploring various mediums (including performing arts such as musical theater and dance) to discover that I am most comfortable in digital art and the manipulation of photography, while jewelry satisfies my incessant need to create with my hands. However, I have begun to expand into sculpture (wax and clay), digital animation and performances documented via digital video. Ultimately, I allow the concept to determine the medium.


Ideas that I am currently investigating revolve around notions of wholeness, the human capacity to empathize with othered bodies (human, animal, non-human and virtual), as well as corporeal relationships with intangible virtual spaces.

I am currently an adjunct professor at Columbia College teaching Digital Media, Digital Photography, Video Art, 2D-Design and Jewelry levels I-IV.

Feel free to reach out if you are interested in purchasing photographic prints, jewelry, commissioning work, collaborating, or have inquiries of any kind.

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