Body Series

This series investigates the capacity (or lack thereof) to empathize with othered bodies; human, animal, non-human and virtual. As a result, my work involves discourse around the parameters that constitute being considered alive, the ability of cross-species empathy through shared experiences of embodiment, as well as corporeal relationships with digital technology and cyberspace.

I utilize digital photography, polymer clay, and 3D animation software to create abject amalgams of human flesh. I manipulate representations of tangible bodies, placing them in surreal non-spaces that I intend to be suggestive of psychological states or digital voids.


Through strange and unsettling forms, I wish to draw you in with curiosity and challenge you with repulsion. I invite intentional ambiguity and meaningful contradiction. I hope you ask provocative questions.

Digital Animations


Polymer Clay Sculpture

Jesse (in the Flesh)

Digital Composites