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Vertical Series

The Vertical Series consists of four vertically aligned compositions each dealing with psychological conditions. Each image is built 7ft. x 3ft. at 300 dpi with the intention being that the large scale will overwhelm the viewer, just as these conditions can overwhelm the models.


Due to the sensitive nature of the subject matter, it was important to find models who personally experience the particular condition, or are very close to the subject matter. The composition then evolved with each model adding elements to more accurately depict their personal struggles. Deep gratitude goes out to these models for being bold enough to share their intimate stories on such a large scale.


Each composition can be viewed individually, however when seen together, elements such as mirroring and panoramic distortion become more apparent. Panoramic distortion is used specifically to express transition: Bipolar and Anxiety transition through space (up and down respectively), Survivor's Guilt transitions through the subject's psyche, while Insomnia transitions through time.

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